Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Optimization trick for slow Internet connection

Here are two steps to optimize your Internet connection. Note this is only optimization steps, not a magic to speed up your Internet access :).

Optimize Windows QoS scheduler:
By default, Windows reserves 20% of bandwidth for its system. You may change it to 0% so you get more bandwidth.
-From Start, Run, type gpedit.msc
-Please check pictures below how to configure it.

Right click on ResevableBandwidth, edit it.

Check Enable, set bandwidth to 0, then press OK.

-Restart you PC to take effect.

DNS Jumper utility:
One problem that Internet broadband user facing is slow access due to DNS resolving. Every time you access new address, your browser will ask the DNS server for its real IP address. Imagine your  provider's DNS server must serve thousands request at a time. Now, you may try such a tiny application to solve it: DNS Jumper.

Please download it here. It is portable application just extract and run the launcher.

How it works:
DNS Jumper will search any available high speed DNS server, and your request will be directed to that DNS server.

Click fast DNS to start DNS server searching.

Click to apply new DNS server

Now, try to browsing. You will find much faster response time.

More reading:
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