Friday, May 11, 2012

Internet Boradband: AXIS vs Telkomsel Flash

I switch from Telkomsel Flash (Flash) to AXIS as my Internet provider. I am in Jakarta now, so I should not worry about AXIS 3G coverage.

I need more economical Internet service, I think Flash still too expensive for me. Flash gives me 350MB/14 days quota for Rp. 50.000, with 512kbps while in quota, speed limited to 64kbps after exceed quota. AXIS gives me 500MB/30 days for Rp. 49.000, with unlimited speed, 129kbps after exceed quota.

AXIS speed statistics while loading Facebook.
AXIS bandwidth limited to 129 kbps after quota exceed.

Speed test result from, still acceptable :)

Here its the snapshot from Axis internet official page about their service descriptions.

Flash package information from official page.

As AXIS tag line "GSM yang baik" (the kind GSM), I feel Axis is more generous than Flash :). Axis offers better price an features than Flash. So far, I am satisfied by AXIS service.

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